Event Report: Red Bull King of the Rock

Final Event Photos and HD Asphalt Graphics Installed

Alcatraz was closed in 1963.  Since then no one person has ever played a basketball game on the West facing courtyards of Alcatraz island.  This past Saturday, the Red Bull King of the Rock was brought to life on the ROCK!

This historic 1 on 1 street basketball tournament was incredible to be a part of.  SCS was brought in to create and develop court lines and event logos that could be used during play, and pulled up after the event.  Since Alcatraz is a National park and monument, there could not be any mark that the event was there afterward!  The task was a huge undertaking for all of us at SCS and we were able to pull it off for a huge success.

The King of the Rock event was groundbreaking for Red Bull and SCS.  You will be seeing this tournament grow for years to come.  Check out more at:

At SCS, our excellent track record of producing/creating events and utilizing unique branding medias is what sets us apart from any other company out there.  SCS, your solution to creative marketing and event branding.

Garth Milan/Red Bull Photofiles: A crowd watches the Red Bull King of the Rock 1-on-1 basketball tournament at Alcatraz.

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