Bob Ward’s Sporting Goods – North Face Wall Wrap

Is your retail space in need of a face lift or point of purchase enhancement?  Then get in touch with us today!  The capabilities that our wall wrap media has are phenomenal.  It can be adhered to multiple surface types, wrap around complex curves, and cover large areas such as this display at Bob Ward’s Sporting Goods in Bozeman, MT.  This particular large wall graphic was built for North Face.  Wall graphics are unique marketing tools in that anything can be printed on the material: photos, designs, charts, graphs, information, etc.  Another advantage of our wall media is that it can be used to wrap a large area such as this or it can be used to turn a small, unnoticed wall in your office space into an attention-getter.  If you would like to know more about our capabilities, please contact us today!  (406) 585-2635 or


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