SCS Ski Jumper wins National Title

Congratulations to SCS Athlete Rolf Wilson for an outstanding ski season!!!

At an Alpine Ski Jumping competition held on Sunday March 10th, 2012 at Sleeping Giant in Cody Wyoming. Rolf Wilson won the Buffalo Jump Alpine Ski jumping competition taking home a new hill record of 202 feet and his 9th National championship.

Rolf Wilson has been ski jumping for 15 years as a professional athlete and his past accomplishments include 3 time North American championships, current World record holder with a distance of 374 feet and nine time National Champion. Rolf Wilson is also co-owner of Main Street Fitness in Downtown Bozeman Montana. His wife Ida is an ER nurse at Bozeman Deconess Hospital and they are both now the proud parents of a four month old daughter named Freya

Alpine ski jumping is exploding onto the winter sports scene where pros and ametures float hundreds of feet through the air. Rather than using a free heel, jumpers will use alpine gear and extremely long skis using the “Olympic” V style flight positions. Any alpine skier is welcome to come learn how to fly during the clinics pros put on the Friday before each event. Competitions vary on either a distance and style competition or target jumping with two to six jumps each day. Each competition is a 2 day event attracting national media as well jumpers from all over the U.S. These events will bring in local and national sponsors and have cash purses as high as $8,000. In 2012 the Alpine Ski Jumping tour consisted of four jump competitions, Salisbury CT, (East Coast Championships), Steamboat Springs Colorado, (World Ski Flying Championship), Missoula Montana, (North American Cup), and Cody Wyoming (National Championship)

If you would like more information about this athlete please contact them directly at 406-209-4170 For more information on Alpine Ski Jumping you can log onto

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