AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Screaming Freedom, as she is called, has rolled off the assembly line here at SCS headquarters!!   We at SCS are all about Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness……and happy we are, so is our client Zac Fanelli!  Zac came to us back in March and wanted to wrap his 1987 Mastercraft ProStar 190.  Our design team diligently worked toward a custom/unique design to revitalize the look of this smooth riding water ski boat!  Well, it only took one attempt at a design and Zac was sold!  He had the thing stripped down faster than you could say the Pledge of Allegiance!  Once it was here, we put in the man hours to professionally install this one of a kind looking boat!  We are all pretty much in awe with how this boat turned out!  Please ladies, save the drool for the lakes where it will just blend in with the regular water.  Boat season is upon us all here at SCS and we encourage you to call us up and get a free quote on sprucing up your boat for the summer months.  As Zac said: “It looks siiiiiiiick!!”  We want to thank him for the opportunity and the business.  If you see him around the lakes of Montana make sure to stop and take a look at his boat!!



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