Home of the World’s Oldest Corvette – Suburban Wrap

Dave Ressler is known throughout the collector car community for owning the World’s Oldest Corvette.  He has had the privilege of collecting some of the most unique cars in existence and it is surely exciting to see his collection grow. To showcase this one-of-a-kind vehicle, Dave, in collaboration with Ressler Chevrolet, decided to wrap a new Chevy Suburban to show off the Corvette.  The team at SCS worked closely with Dave and Ressler’s marketing team to make sure the design was consistent with their ideas.  This unique vehicle wrap truly highlights his Corvette and we are beyond excited with the way this turned out.  Our team spent countless hours making sure the process from design to installation was solid.  The end result speaks for itself.  We thank Mr. Ressler and Ressler Motors for another great opportunity to work together.

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